Selected list of IVP patents

1. Coupling Product obtained from histamine and an amino acid. PCT WO 94/19325.

2. Pseudodipeptide product having an imidazole grouping and applications. PCT WO 95/12581

3. Coated ophthalmic and implantable devices and methods for producing same. PCT WO 99/16390;
    US Patent No. 6,613,088 B1.

4. Method for topical treatment of eye disease and composition and device for said treatment. PCT WO 2004/028536 A1.

5. Pharmaceutical compositions containing N-acetylcarnosine for the treatment of cataract. EP PCT/EP94/03340.

6. Medicament useful in the treatment of glaucoma. Japanese Patent No. 3579063

7. Process of assessment of ocular dysfunctions. United States Patent No. 6,007,203

8. Composition cosmetique itile notamment pour le blanchiment de la peau et agent inhibiteur de la melanogenese
    comprenant une telle composition cosmetique. EP 98 480048.2-2114.

9. Innovative Vision Products, Inc./Hamari Chemicals Ltd. (JP) Combined use of carnosinase inhibitor with L-carnosines and
    composition. PCT WO 2004/064866.

10. JP3579063 RGDS Anti-Glucoma Japanese Patent Click Here

11. Pseudodipetides Patents Click here and here


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